Hi, I'm Mor. A go-getter engineer, problem solver and coffee addict. Armed with a "can-do" mindset, I am a self-motivated individual with a great deal of passion for technology. I've developed my first website when I was 11 and never really stopped since then. I've over 5 years of experience in top-tier R&D, product and marketing, including managing teams of developers, marketeers and analysts.

New York University (Dean's List)

What I do

I'm an all-rounder, and as such my set of expertise ranges across the entire lifecycle of a product. Well, that's the trick to get things done.

  • Development

    As a Fullstack developer I've developed over the years many websites, services, LPs and APIs. Frontend and Backend, Client and Server- I'm in

  • Growth

    Led growth teams focusing on organic growth through acquisition, retention, re-targering and virality. Generated USD +1 million net revenue per quarter

  • Product

    Managed product development life cycle from start to post-deployment. Working with Marketing, Product, BI and Business teams under tight schedules

  • Marketing

    Performed marketing campaigns across customer lifecycle, such as paid ads, automation and promotions of +$500K per month

  • Branding

    Branded online and retail businesses. Developing concept and brand story. Creating awareness campaigns as a professional photographer

  • Bots

    Developing FB Messenger bots in Node.JS using bot frameworks and APIs such as BotKit, Send/Recieve, A.I. and more


USD +1 Million / Quarter


USD +500K / Month




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Currently based in: Tel Aviv, Israel


Mor (Moran) Sidi is a software engineer and an enthusiastic entrepreneur. Born in Tel Aviv, Israel, Mor served as a lieutenant at the Israel Air Force as an Air Traffic Controller and as a Product Manager Officer. As such he defined new business methodologies, developed system requirements and managed product development life cycle from start to post-deployment. Prior to his military service, Mor worked in event marketing and public relations both in Spain and in Israel.

Following his military service, Mor graduated with honors from New York University with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering (B.Sc) and a Master's Degree in Computer Science (M.Sc). He was selected to the prestigious Honors Program and B.S/M.S program, where he completed both degrees in 4.5 years with Summa Cum Laude honors. Due to his academic achievements, Mor received merit scholarships and awards, and was named to the Dean's List in each semester. He was also a Teaching Assistant at the NYU-Poly Engineering and Computer Science Department for the classes: Databases and Data Structures and Algorithms. During this time, Mor has founded and managed voluntarily the #mindmatters program, who focused on teaching children on technology and science and helping youth with school tasks. In addition, Mor participated in the competitive NYU-Poly Summer Research Program, where he conducted a research on Symbolic Execution. At the beginning of his senior year, Mor wrote an advanced thesis regarding Performance Assessment of Social Networks Users under the advisement of Professor Phyllis Frankl, on which he received many praises from colleagues and professors.

Mor is the founder of MORSIDI.com, a development studio for designing and programming web applications. Upon graduation, Mor joined Apple G Associates, a New York-based Real Estate company as a Software Engineer, where he implemented software solutions and provided technology consulting for the firm.

Later on Mor has joined eToro , a promising fintech startup, as its first Growth Hacker. As such he built the Growth team from the ground up. A year afterwards Mor has become Head of Growth and managed a team consists of developers, markteers and analysts. As Head of Growth Mor worked closely with the Product, R&D, Marketing and Business teams in order to increase company's organic growth through acquisition, retention and re-targeting efforts. During his time, channel net revenues increased by 47% within 2 years by generating USD +1 million revenues per quarter. eToro has become the world's largest social investment network with 5 million investors from over 140 different countries.

Influenced by his travels to Europe, North America and Central America, Mor also enjoys photographing, creating music and playing the guitar. Among his other hobbies are running, basketball, psychology and ethical hacking.

Academic Awards:

  • Graduation with Honors, Summa Cum Laude, New York University

  • Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges Award

  • Dean's List, New York University

  • Honors Program Scholarship Award, New York University

  • New York University Promise Scholarship Award