eToro: Stock Broker Bot
Founder and CTO / CPO (Spin-off)
Project Description
Meet Rich, an AI chat bot capable of connecting millions of clients 24/7 to the markets with 100% service availability, without the need to download any app. With Rich high-end brokerage services are now available for everyone with a friction of the cost and a friction of the effort. User see a Facebook ad, clicks on it and immediately onboarding the messenger bot without ever leaving Facebook. Powered by artificial intelligence, the bot promotes clients to take real-time actions based on market opportunities and events. The user inserts orders in simple english sentences and let the bot do all the hard work. Rich keeps the user posted throughout the day and keeps him engaged. I've designed and developed Rich myself, and led the world's first beta marketing campaigns in Facebook for the ecosystem of bots.

Patent submitted by eToro (Provisional)
Project Details